Email Sent to Save Ocean Avenue 04/17/08

Bill, just wanted to say thanks for all the work your group did. I would like to be involved in any way if ever help is needed. I believe I have seen you involved in many groups in LB over the years and have almost always agreed with you. I live very near the northern part of Ocean Ave, near Seaview (what a mess). Again, thanks and I am looking forward to helping. Scott 
Posted by the Atlanticville on 12/13/07

Condition of boardwalk hazardous to MU runner

As a student of Monmouth University I consider myself a part-time resident of West Long Branch, therefore my interests and concerns are equally as important as a full-time resident. I am shocked by the condition of the "boardwalk," which runs along the beach into Pier Village. The aged and weatherbeaten wood is a hazard to all walkers, runners, animals, etc.

As an avid runner along this path, I've witnessed many falls and trips that could have easily been prevented. I believe it is imperative that this walkway is kept in shape because of its close proximity to Pier Village.

Not only is this walkway a hazard, but it is also a bad reflection on Pier Village. Hopefully, you'll agree that something should be done about this hazard immediately. Thanks for your consideration.

Kat McCosker Student of Monmouth University

West Long Branch

Posted by the Atlanticville  on 08/16/07

Supporters thanked for Ocean Avenue effort

On May 8, the city of Long Branch passed Resolution 130-07 to enable the city to put traffic on the parts of Ocean Avenue where traffic was prohibited by Green Acres. The roadways both in the south end of the boardwalk and the north end of the promenade by Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park would have been changed from linear parks to vehicular roads. Plans included removing the green acres designations on Ocean Avenue between Brighton Avenue and Bath Avenue and between Madison Avenue and Ocean Terrace. This would have allowed the city to place traffic on these stretches. These green acres protected recreational areas have been "jewels" of our community and are used by many thousands of people all year long. the city's plans were met with disbelief and outrage.

A small group of us got together and created the "Save Ocean Avenue" committee. Our committee is a nonprofit organization made up of a few concerned citizens who have been committed to gathering support to preserve Ocean Avenue. Our group quickly got to work to make others aware of resolution 130-07. We asked all concerned citizens to act now and they did! Over 5,000 people signed our petitions. Many people at our urging wrote letters to the local papers and called and spoke to local officials and state representatives. We went to Trenton and spoke to green acres about resolution 130-07 and its effect on open space. Representatives of the DEP and green acres received your calls and letters. Attendance at the city council meetings doubled and tripled and many of you stepped up to the podium and voiced your opposition to traffic on the roadway. You stood united to preserve our beachfront recreational spaces and to keep traffic out.

Finally, at the July 24 city council meeting, Mayor Adam Schneider announced that the city is not going to act on its plan to open Ocean Avenue to traffic and will officially rescind the resolution at the Aug. 14 city council meeting.

We would like to thank all of you who participated in our campaign. Your voice was heard. together we saved Ocean Avenue from traffic. A special thanks to our local newspaper for their coverage of this campaign. You helped us get the message out to the public.

Our organization Save Ocean Avenue plays on staying involved. Our work has only just begun. Our next objective is to see that the city fixes and repairs the roadway and boardwalk and improves the open spaces and linear park. We have set up a Web site, www.saveoceanave.com where we will keep you posted of our progress.


Bill McLaughlin

Mary Jean Lepis

Dennis Sherman

Elaine Shah

Save Ocean Avenue committee

Dear Editor, Your Views
Our so called Politicians are at it again......... First it was Eminent Domain abuse and now they are trying to  take away our green acres area that we had for the last 30 years.We had over 250 people at the council meeting on May 22nd who were against the opening of Ocean Ave. Did they pay any attention what the people had to say????? No way.
This area on Ocean Ave cannot be replaced. It serves the needs of all walks of life
              The disabled with their wheelchairs and walkers.
              Children on their skateboards and bicycles.
              Mothers with their strollers and baby carriages
              The many joggers who enjoy an early morning run
              All the pets that walk with their owners.
              People from all over the city just taking an evening stroll on the boardwalk
              without the fear of pollution and vehicular traffic. . 
 Well I can go on and on but I just like to remind  our politicians that  "The Great Lawn " that the city wants to swap for Ocean Ave belongs to the Citizens of Long Branch and was intended solely for our recreation and not for opening to any kind of traffic. It just makes the public wonder why  our politicians seem to serve the special interest groups before the Citizens.

Bill McLaughlin

June 26, 2007  

Letter to the Editor  

I live on the ocean block of Cottage Place in Long Branch .   My parents built this home in the 50ís.  Throughout my entire lifetime, Ocean Avenue between Brighton Avenue and Bath Avenue has been closed to traffic. 

Throughout the years, I have spent countless hours with my family enjoying walks, bicycle rides and other recreational activities on this road.  In the late 60ís, the road was painted green and my friends and I would ride our bikes back and forth along the ď Green Road Ē for hours on end.  Itís a memory I hold dear to my heart. 

Over the past few weeks, Mayor Schneider and the City Council have been advocating opening this road to traffic---a road thatís been traffic-free for close to 60 years.  I have an unobstructed view of Ocean Avenue from my home.  Every day, I see walkers, joggers and bicyclists as well as people out with their dogs on Ocean Ave.  

During every season, people come from all over to enjoy time on the avenue.  They bring their children and unload bicycles, scooters and rollerblades.  They are bringing their children to one of the only streets in the area that is free of traffic and safe for their children. 

During every season, I see people pushing baby strollers, people in wheelchairs and people walking with the assistance of canes and walkers.  They stay on the road because the boardwalk is bumpy and in such disrepair in many places. 

Over the years, Iíve seen more people come to enjoy this linear paradise.   The city wants to take this treasure away from us.

To take it away would be an injustice to our community!

I am committed to keeping this jewel in our neighborhood!   

Mary Jean Lepis

Long Branch , N.J.